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Drunk Driving Defense (DWI/DUI)


NJ DWI AttorneysIndividuals charged with DWI/DUI in New Jersey face some of the toughest laws and penalties in the country.  For this reason, such individuals need representation by experienced NJ DWI attorneys who will exhaust all available means of challenging the prosecution.  Some of the common defenses, depending, of course, on the specific facts of the case, are probable cause for the motor vehicle stop and the reliability of the test administered to the driver, be it a breath test, blood test, or a urine test in the case of suspected drug use.

To counter the often difficult odds of beating the charges or reducing your penalties, the experienced NJ DWI/DUI defense attorneys at LoFaro & Reiser will leave no stone unturned in preparing and asserting your defense.

NJ DWI AttorneysPartner Carmine LoFaro has been recognized as one of “10 Best” DUI?DWI defense attorneys in New Jersey for 2014 and 2015.

Our NJ DWI attorneys defend drunk driving cases in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Morris County, and Passaic County, as well as all other counties throughout New Jersey.  Whether charged with a first or subsequent offense, refusal to submit to testing or other DWI/DUI related charge, you will be in the hands of a highly capable and experienced New Jersey DWI attorney.



Protecting You From Jail Time, License Suspensions and More

The penalties for a New Jersey DWI conviction may include:

  • Fines: Range from $250 to $1,000 depending on whether you have previous offenses.
  • Jail time: In some situations you may be sentenced to jail time.  A third DWI conviction carries a mandatory 100-day jail sentence.
  • License suspensions: Your license may be suspended for between 3 months and 10 or more years, depending on your past DWI history.
  • Ignition interlock: In some cases, you may be required to install a vehicle ignition interlock on your vehicle. This will prevent your vehicle from starting until you blow a clean breath sample into the device.
  • Motor vehicle surcharges: You may be required to pay a $3,000 surcharge to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • Alcohol education through the Intoxicated Drivers’ Resource Center.

Contact our NJ DWI Attorneys today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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